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Bello Best For Kogi, Tribunal Affirms


The Gubernatorial Election Tribunal hearing the petitions against the election of Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state today delivers judgment in favor of the governor. Headed by Justice Halima, the tribunal who had yesterday ruled out the objection of James Faleke affirmed the declaration of electoral umpire in favour of the Ibira born young politician.

Tribunal haven considered the issues raised by the 1st, 2nd n 3rd respondence on either the petitioner has right to bring before the tribunal issues bothering on pre-election matters.
Tribunal considered that thou the substitution of candidate is a preelection  but Haven occur in the process of an election, the petitioner has the locus to bring this before this honourable tribunal.

The petitioner contended that the first respondence who did not participate in the Nov 21st election cannot inherit votes as he only score 6000 votes in the Dec 5th election.

The tribunal held that petitioner did not support with necessary fact as to qualification of the first respondence the 1st respondence met the constitutional provision for contesting the governorship election of Kogi state
Tribunal haven analyse the position of the petitioner on the substitution of the 1st respondence at the request of the 3rd respondence and since the election was declared inconclusive, the 2nd respondent was time bond to substitute the first respondence and considering that, the issue of 21days can not apply here.
Since the 1st respondence is a member of APC and Haven came 2nd in the primary was correct to have been substituted.

On the vote belonging to the candidate and not political party raised by the petitioner, the tribunal held that considering authorities of the supreme court, the votes casted on 21st November and 5th December belong to the party. We so moved

On issue 4, tribunal Haven critically examine none compliance to the electoral act and irregularities raised by the petitioner, we held that as at the time of 5th Dec election, Faleke was still the deputy to the 1st respondence as his withdrawal did not meet stipulated law.

The petitioner’s witness admitted that the 2nd respondence scored the highest votes. The witness also failed to prove that he is an agent or collation officer. The petitioner also admitted that he relied on the result sheets by the 3rd respondence.

It is tribunal humble views that all materials brought before it is assumed dumped not withstanding marking them as it was not in any way linked to the petitioner’s claim.

Continuation of the forensic, the tribunal held that the witness did not show a convincing expertise. We so move

This tribunal held that the petitioner has failed to prove with substantial evidence his claim of none compliance and irregularities.

In line with the above, the case between Captain Idris Wada and 2 others, Yahaya Bello and 2 others is hereby dismissed for lacking in merit

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