by Joe Igbokwe

Given the many criminal charges against the Senator SARAKI representing one Senatorial Zone in Kwara State out of 109 Senatorial zones in Nigeria I had thought that this man would have read the handwriting on the wall and throw in the towel as the Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, but not Saraki. Somebody told me that a bonafide Fulani man does not give up easily. He fights to the end. Perhaps this is what Saraki is doing now. But the game is up. Saraki has decimated, desecrated and made desolate the well respected and highly revered Red Chamber of the National Assembly. He went to High Court, and Supreme Court just to stop his trial. He tried to change the law setting up the CCT. He questioned the integrity of Justice DANLADI UMAR. He plannedto humiliate the justice Danladi by causing the Senate to summon him to appear before it. Saraki ischallenging the jurisdiction of CCT to hear his case. He has been changing Lawyers the way you changepants. He has been renting purchased crowd of hoodlums at N1000 a day to continue to disgrace the Senate. Saraki and his gang have abused the 2016 Budget. Saraki has slowed down wheel of governance in Nigeria for almost a year as a result of rapacious greed for power. Saraki has divided theNational Assembly. Saraki has abused court process. Yesterday one of Saraki’s Lawyers abused and disrespected CCT and the Judge. I can go on and on but I do not think there is need to continue. There is no hope for Senator Saraki in this matter. Quote me!

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