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Criminal Label: Northern Governors Reacted Too Late – YYSA


Following the last Friday press briefing in Kaduna by the chairman Northern States Governors Forum (NSGF) and Governor of Borno State, Alhaji Kashim Shettima. According to the Governor, “it is an insult to label criminals as Fulanis. He stated further that the forum equally condemned the politicization and ethinicisation of the whole crisis”. The Yoruba youth group, Yoruba Youth Socio-cultural Association (YYSA) would like to refer the Northern Governors to the former President Jonathan’s regime, when the problem of terrorism and other nefarious activities were at the peak in Nigeria. During that period, we had the Boko Haram insurgency in the Northeast, the so called unknown gunmen in the Northwest, the so called suspected Fulanis in the North central. At that time, Southwest States were battling with the high rate of immolation while some Southeast people considered having baby factory as a profitable business and majority of Ijaw youths as at then seeing kidnapping and oil theft as sources of income. None of the Northern State Governors during that period denied the fact that those people terrorizing North central were the so called suspected Herdsmen.

Let us be frank, two friends who always laugh at each other without a day of anger are enemies in pretence. It is when we want to deceive ourselves we refer to an Albino man as a Canadian. The traditional job and the well known occupation of Fulanis is the cattle rearing and they are popularly known as nomads worldwide. Besides that, Nigerians have been so lucky to have a listening President, a competent and man of integrity President Muhammadu Buhari as Nigerian President. In less than a year, the Boko Haram insurgency now becoming history. Unfortunately, the underrated suspected Herdsmen had spread their evil activities across the country. They carried out their massacre at Agatu local government in Benue State and another one few days ago in Enugu. Mr President, Herdsmen are now terrorists. Although, it has been the usual culture that people close to the authority always find it difficult to tell him or her the mere fact or truth. But, the best friends are those who always tell the truth even if the heaven will fall. Treat any suspected Herdsmen as you treat Boko Haram.


Signed by
Habib Olalekan Hammed
National Leader

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