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Saraki Seeks Eradication Of Child Labour


Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, on Sunday called for eradication of Child Labour as part of activities marking this year’s World Day Against Child Labour with the theme:  “End child labour from the supply chain”.

Saraki in a statement by his Special Assistant on Gender Advocacy, Fatima Kakuri, urged all stakeholders to work towards bequeathing a future devoid of child and all other forms of inhuman practices against children.

The statement reads: “In this 2016 World Day Against Child Labour, we wish to express our support and join the global community in eradicating child labour from the supply chain. We find this year’s theme (end child labour in supply chain) both apt and significant as we reflect on the particular challenges that our nation faces which have heightened considerably the vulnerabilities of our children to exploitation.

“Millions of our children are trapped in child labour, hawking on our streets, working under appalling inhuman conditions in small informal sector enterprises instead of being in school. These challenges are huge and complex and not unconnected with the security situation and economic conditions of most families. Yet we must find a way out of this problem.

“We recognize the menace of child laour, abuse, rape and abduction in our dear nation; the Chibok girls remain fresh in our minds and our hearts remain with the families of the girls until they are recovered.

“Among our peculiar problems, early child marriages, baby factory syndrome, domestic violence tied toconservative religious and cultural beliefs remain serious obstacles in our quest to liberate the Nigerian child.

” The good news is that, the Senate is doing all within its powers to see that we reverse the situation. Presently, we have embarked on a comprehensive review of our Labour laws and the Child Rights Act to eliminate any gaps, offer adequate protection and provide mechanism for redress in cases of child labour abuse. Equally, we are working to ensure a uniform enactment and enforcement of the Child Rights Act in all states in the nation.

“We remain concerned and committed to putting an end to child labour by catalyzing action with key stakeholders and engaging the full capacities of the senate oversight functions in our determination to change the status quo. We are also committed to supporting the executive in its pursuit to eliminate the manace of child labour which at best perpetuates poverty and illiteracy. 

“Protecting our children from abuse and all forms of exploitation must be a priority. We hope for a better Nigeria and must join forces and renew our commitment to make the future of work in Nigeria, a future, without child labour,” he said. 


Fatima Kakuri
Special Assistant to the Senate President on Gender Advocacy

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