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WAI Brigade Cautions Lagosians on traffic Hawking,Describes Act as Dangerous & Unlawful

As Lagos goes tough on indiscriminate hawkers, the Lagos State Commander of War Against Indiscipline (WAI) Brigade, Comrade Gabriel Adeoye has urged Lagos residents to shun dangerous practices like street hawking, trading in traffic and crossing express roads where pedestrian bridges are available.

Adeoye said these dangerous practices endanger the lives of the public and create ample room for criminal elements to operate freely within the state.

The WAI Brigade commander said it is critical for the public to support government programs and policies as they have been carefully designed to protect citizens. he added that “for example when Lagos residents desist from Hawking in traffic it helps government tackle traffic robberies and other vices.

Highlighting the perils of traffic Hawking, WAI Lagos Principal Staff Officer (PSO) Public  Relations, WAI Supt. Israel Bolaji, added that the dangers associated with street hawking, traffic Hawking and other illicit Hawking far outweighs whatever advantage it appears to have, as it also dangerous for all and is not the practice in other decent countries and mega cities.

The WAI spokesperson said such acts create  far reaching social problems like unnecessary loss of lives, bodily harm or permanent disability for seller, buyers can easily be lured into paying for sub standard or expired products while in traffic and also consumption of contaminated foods etc. Families and dependents of both buyers and sellers will also be affected consequentially.

Bolaji cautioned that armed robbers could easily be mistook for traffic hawkers which could make motorists very vulnerable and fall prey cheaply to criminal elements.

He added that many Nigerians have fallen prey to traffic robberies and the best way to nip it in the bud is for the public to cooperate with government in ridding the society of criminals.

The WAI brigade was established  in 1984 and is empowered by Decree 100 of 1993, now Parliamentary Act 64 of 2007.

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