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OPINION- As The Quest for Power Shift Lingers in Zimbabwe by Barbara Nyagomo


The civil unrest in Zimbabwe has resulted from the brewing people’s anger over the last 36years.People no longer tolerate poor governance, corruption, poor economy, looting and human right abuses inflicted by the government. Our Liberators turned to be our Oppressors. The situation has been worsened by the government failing to pay Civil Servants and the collapse of Zimbabwe industries. The deployment of the army in Beitbridge was an insult to the people of Matebele land South Province and all Zimbabweans. The government showed its insincerity. The first job of any government is to protect its citizens and this should not have happened where there is no war. Why send the army to beat your citizens into submission? Is it not the role of the police to maintain law and order? Protect the same citizens? We are appealing to Zimbabwe Security Forces to do the right thing and be on the side of the people. People just want to be freed from this enslavement. The Zimbabwean government is intolerant to any opposition and it reacts by unleashing violence to all who dare to have a voice but don’t worry change is coming soon to Zimbabwe. Yesterday in Harare we witnessed gross Police and Military brutality. PDZ is going to continue its work on the ground to bring back dignity to Zimbabwe and her people. We will join hands with political parties, Civic Society and friends of Zimbabwe who share our people-centred political values.We believe that our collective efforts will give Zimbabweans the salvation they want,build viable economy and a democratic society.We will continue to work with the diaspora community to bring in resources,their skills and knowledge to build Zimbabwe.   Let us look after each other during this challenging time.Check if your neighbours and the vulnerable people in your community are are safe,have water and food.

NYAGOMO, a Zimbabwe based activist and Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe, PDZ, key figure

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