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Anti Mugabe; Zimbabwe Boils as Nyagomo calls for Calm

Angry anti Mugabe protesters
burnt a police vehicle(Mazda B1800 reg Zrp
1314).The protesters are now camping at an
open space behind Nssa shopping mall.´The
demonstration was organized by Barbara Nyagomo’s led Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe but Bindura Univeesity
students and vendors ad many other opposition political
parties including Christians and Muslims clerics joined
march. Four police officers were seriously injured with
one in Intensive Care Unit at Bindura hospital. Nobody has been arrested
yet as he protesters said they shall occupy the
open space till Mugabe is step aside from power. They are alsoboil
demanding fresh elections within 6
months. About 3000 people are camping at the
square shouting MUGABE MUST GO and all forms of anti Mugabe songs.
SECURITY MONITOR was reliably informed that the Protesters have surrounded offices of Provinciaal Affairs Minister Mike Bimha. They are looking for fuel and tyres so as to burn him inside the office.
It was also gathered that Kwekwe is now burning too as violent protests spreading like wild fire. Gweru, Masvingo remain tense and on a knife edge
Meanwhile Barbara Nyagomo, leader of the opposition PDZ has called on Zimbabwe to be peaceful in their demand as violence may not be the option for now. She stressed this in an address to teeming supporters of PDZ early hour of today. According to Nyagomo the protest is necessitated by the fact that hunger, poverty and oppression reign supreme in Zimbabwe.
“Today you are part of history being made as We (Zimbabweans)boldy protest against our corruption, looting,poor governance, draconian Laws and Human Rights Abuse of the Mugabe led administration .
Zimbabweans in their hundreds are agitating for better life citizens of the country in South Africa, London and others are taking speaking in one voice demanding the ousting of president Mugabe”boil3

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