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OPINION; Still on “I Will Beat & Impregnate You Saga”, by Tunji Suleiman


A megalomaniac public officer who has been severally reported to have a possibly pathological proclivity for violence, animalistic behavior and sundry conduct unbecoming of an occupant of high national office, recently addressed the media denying his reported latest indiscretion.

In his statement upon which he swore and will have the rest of us take as  gospel, he claimed that a certain lady has arrived menopause, and that it is biologically impossible for such a lady to get pregnant. He then wondered whether while juxtaposing his reported threat to beat the lady and at the same time impregnate her, “intellectually mobile” (whatever that means) people like himself can draw a correlation between the two. He also asked if it made logical sense.

This writer aims to establish that it is not impossible for women in menopause to get pregnant and that someone claiming the contrary may actually be the most ignorant person alive.

The statement throws up questions begging for answers as follows:

1. Can’t a man beat a woman and still impregnate her?
2. Can’t a woman in menopause get pregnant on occasion of unprotected sex?
3. If someone answers questions 1 and 2 above in the negative and argues it as defence for ignoble conduct, can that someone be described as ‘intellectually mobile’?


This piece is based on the assumption that ‘intellectually mobile’ is just a grandiloquent and verbose way of saying ‘highly intelligent’.


You can beat somebody to submission to have sex with the person without the victim’s consent. It is called rape. One of the natural consequences of rape and/or non-consensual sex is pregnancy. If you lust after a lady and have “harassed” her – as the referenced lady claimed, and as narrated by you in your statement to the media – sexually, you may in a mindless reaction and anger say “I will beat you and impregnate you” as widely reported.

Relatedly, without being an ObGyn doctor or other related medical professional, nobody can authoritatively and/or conclusively declare a woman menopausal, the age regardless. Besides such professional proclamations have been known to pan out incorrect where supposedly  menopausal ladies get pregnant. I know at least 2 living examples.

Truly smart and even averagely  intelligent people can draw the correlation and see the logical sense in this. Dogs, randy touts, thugs and/or Idiots claiming to be “intellectually mobile” but who have a reputation for uncontrollable temper and who regularly get violent, utter unguarded statements and do stupid thing s all over the place will not.

The dictionary definition of an ignoramus is someone that doesn’t know about things that most people know about. It is ok to not know something so long as you know you don’t know. Wise people only need to teach such a person. But he who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool. The admonition of the Prophet is to shun him/her. For a fool in his foolishness may truly believe he can fool others. If he succeeds, that’s even worse as simple things may get complicated.


First the Nigerian electorate really need to take our country and sovereignty back from the current political class by participating actively in the political process to bring about the changes we desire.

We also need to deemphasize stomach infrastructure in our politicking and deprecate money politics. We must increasingly assess candidates on the basis of their character and integrity as well as substance and track records of achievements out of politics to weed out the worst of us who will seek to lead the best and the rest of us. Only this way can we ensure charlatans and misfits don’t get to high office only to go and mess up the place.

To remove plausible deniability and reduce instances of greedy parasites who not only speak idiocy and act stupidity but also canvass self-serving agenda while occupying high national office, all but security related national business should be conducted in the open to ensure both partisan and uninterested parties can witness proceedings.

As an example, all so called ‘executive’ or closed door sessions however so-called of the NASS without any bearing on national security should be abolished. Legislative business should be conducted in the open with the press and ordinary members of the public that may be interested present.

Suleiman, an ICT Consultant, Public Affairs Commentator and C.E.O of NETMARIX Nigeria Limited can be reached through sms on +234 8036692165

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