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”Ahmed Administration Open to Constructive Criticism”, says Media Aide Akorede


The Abdulfatah Ahmed’s administration in Kwara State has restated its openness to constructive criticism and inclusiveness in line with the tenets of democracy and provisions of the law.

In a statement by the Senior Special Assistant on Media and Communications to the State Governor, Dr. Muyideen Akorede, the administration stated that such criticisms by individuals and groups must, however, be based on facts and should not injure the reputation of individuals and organizations.

According to the statement, the State government believes in the rule of law and will not harass any individual or group that criticizes it within the ambit of the law.

While emphasizing that this position is not partisan, the administration stressed that individuals and organizations that feel injured by public statements by any individual or group have a right to seek redress under the law.

It also noted that while the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria guarantees freedom of expression, the same law frowns at incitement, libel and other actions capable of injuring the reputation of others or misleading the public.

Additionally, the statement noted that any individual or groups that circulate unverified information or preposterous claims may be invited by the appropriate security agencies to verify such claims.

The administration said it will continue to encourage dialogue and feedback from the people, adding that it is on record that the Governor Ahmed’s administration has pursued the policy of openness and transparency since its inception and remains committed to these values

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