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OPINION: Who killed President Buhari? By Ehi Ekhator


Buhari was a great man, he meant well for the country, he struggled to become the President of Nigeria after contesting four times but as it was expected, Nigeria killed President Muhammadu Buhari before his time.

Before the Presidential election, the 72 years old man was brimming with thoughts. He was the one seeing the amusement from an outer perspective, he had the key, he visualized, anticipated and proffer solution from the solace of his room, while his party, All Progressives Congress were singing tunes of distress for the country, storing the fault of the issue on the head of the previous President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who hailed from Niger Delta locale of the nation.

A year and three months after the assumption of office, President Buhari has been pronounced dead. It seems every time a president is chosen from the Northern part of the country, they kick the bucket before they could finish their presidency.

The Late President, Musa Yar’Adua was elected on the 21 April 2007 and passed in 2010 in some place in Saudi Arabia. Muhammadu Buhari, who is currently dead alive scarcely put in a year prior to his death.

Buhari, though, not below six feet is dead and buried in Nigeria. There is different between alive and living. Buhari at the moment may be alive but he is no longer living. His peace has been sold and his brain hijacked by hate. The President only defense is to bark against anyone who criticizes him as he does not have solution to the problem Nigeria is engulfed in.

When he doesn’t have anybody to toss into prison through his numerous canines, he points the finger at Jonathan and now, he blames Niger Delta Avenger.

Since Buhari came into power, around 272 organizations have closed down including Nigeria prominent and pleased organization Innosun. Air Contractors had recently suspended operation till further notice and that implies numerous Nigerians are laid off.

“A total of 4,580,602 people have lost their jobs since May 29, 2015. Portfolio investment declined to an estimated $245.3m in Q2 2016. This represents a 9.5% from $271.0m in Q1 2016 & is a far cry from $2.81bn in Q2 2015, according Deji Adeyanju, PDP director of new media.

He added “Our dismay is worsened by the fact that every sphere of the Nigerian socio-political space (ranging from the conduct of elections, human rights, respect for the rule of law, security, technology, health etc) is negatively affected by the Buhari administration,” Mr. Adeyanju said.

Innosun announced his shut down on the 31st of August due to lack of foreign exchange to import vehicle components. Meanwhile Buhari gave an order to make foreign currency available to Muslims who went for pilgrimage.

According to National Bureau of Statitics, Nigeria’s receission had worsened with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) dropping to -2.06 per cent for the second quarter.

The Chairman of IVM, Innocent Chukwuma said ““Production has stopped as we are waiting for the imported items for which there is forex issue,” Chukwuma stated. IVM was launched in 2010 and raised its annual production target for 2016 from 4,000 to 6,000 vehicles due to a ‘Made in Nigeria’ campaign that generated strong sales to the police, state agencies and churches.

“Those ambitions and plans no more look good if the promises of the government to assist fails to materialise. I believe they are doing something, but if they can’t do anything, we would be forced to lay off workers,” Chukwuma said.”

Rather than to put heads together or at least listen to the cry of the people, recently Buhari proposed a bill to seek an emergency power so he can fix the problem of the nation singlehandedly. Really? The problem all his economic teams could not fix, Buhari will just use the emergency power fix it within a week or one month?

The President was searching for an approach to render the effectively elastic stamped National Assembly pointless so he can continue what he is known for. Buhari is the 92th world known tyrant, as indicated by United States records and giving him such a force would have and would be awful and lamentable.

Who killed President Buhari? Nigerians are suffering, bag of rice is now N22,000 over a hundred percent increase, bag of cement from N1200 to N2400. Transportation has increased and there is rumour that Buhari administration is planning to bump up the suffering of the people by increasing the text and calling tax and the price of kerosene.

Power has not improved; campaign promise to feed children one square meal per day has been denied, N5000 stipend guaranteed unemployment youths have been renounced. As indicated by Chris Ngige, they can’t pay such a sum to languid Nigerians.

The price of Indomie has escalated; garri is now what Nigerians called “Kingsway”. Medicare has increased, and it was shamefully disclosed the other time that Aso rock clinic didn’t have tablets after budgeting billions.

Buhari is dead. He was a great man, he did all he could but he died untimely death. Upon all the suffering of the plebs, in an attempt to defend the situation, Presidency on Wednesday blamed the Niger Delta militants for the present issue. It asserted that different parts of his government are enhancing with the exception of the oil segment which is being devastated consistently by the militants, indicating that Mr. Buhari might not be ready to accept growing calls for a new policy direction.

“A close look at the data shows that this outcome was mostly due to a sharp contraction in the oil sector due to huge losses of crude oil production as a result of vandalisation and sabotage.

“However, the rest of the Q2 data is beginning to tell a different story. There was growth in the agricultural and solid minerals sectors which are the areas in which the Federal Government has placed particular priority,” Mr. Akande said.

Mr. Lai Mohammed has bit by bit pulled his head in as he couldn’t longer bear to negate himself. The heft of the fall have been set on Mr. Akande’s head.

Lai Mohammed had stopped talking about the numerous trips made by Buhari to different part of the world after his assumption of office. When Nigerians were screaming at the rate at which the President was travelling and even tag him “tourist President”, APC accused the PDP of masterminding the whole issue, claiming that the visit was already yielding result. I swear, i no see any result yet.

When Nigerians were crying at the time it took Buhari to select his minsters and even the time to move into Aso Rock, his apologists claimed he knew what he was doing. Again, i swear, we never see wetin em dey do.

Who killed President Buhari? The security circumstance he guaranteed was terrible amid the last administration is currently more regrettable under his own time. A reasonable percent of the crime is being committed by the President owner’s quarter called Fulani who now have power to commit crimes and also release a press statement to assure the government of another planned attack.

No one is being arrested. We now live in a country where a Muslim man can suddenly stop his vehicle, alight and then kneel on the other lane to pray while everyone waits behind to finish, yet nothing happens. The only one who needs to be sent to prison is a man who named his dog Buhari.

Who killed President Buhari? I can assure you that even Prof. Osinbajo is on live support. Tinubu is contemplating on the next line of defence. To indicate there is fire on the mountain, his wife had accused the Federal government of not keeping to promises made.

The Bring Back Our Girls organisation is now neglected; Chibok girls the President promised to rescue a week after his assumption are still in the forest producing unwanted babies for their abductors while the President has the guts to ignore the parents’ protests.

Acknowledging that there is a problem could be the first step to a solution and the hardest part of forgiveness is to say I AM SORRY. Buhari has so much pride that he could not come down to apologise to Nigerians for transgressions, lies and deceit.

Who murdered my able and capable President, who did this to Nigeria? Actually, we did! Chikena!

Ekhator can be reached at ehidan@naijacenter.com


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