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OPINION: Dear Buhari, at times confession is not cowardice, by Ehi Ekhator


My last article titled “Who killed President Buhari?” earned me such a large number of assaults from the All Progressives Congress (APC) individuals and consistent theological rationalists of the President, Muhammadu Buhari.

In spite of, as a Nigerian who had imagined on a few occasions, a serene, adoring, and developed Nigeria, stopping my supposition would be the exact opposite i would do.

As of late, i chose to glorify Buhari as president as opposed to mourning why he was ever given a possibility. I needed to concur that he merited the chance he got otherwise i could never possess the capacity to say to my grandkids how we had a President who managed the nation twice and drove it into recession twice.

Buhari is a man who has his shoulder higher than his head, he has so much loathe and outrage, he has so much control that he doesn’t know how to take a basic suggestion, is either you do what he needs or you get tormented by his admirers.

What’s my point? At the time when Buhari initially governed the country as the Military head of State in 1983, he was at that point named “Baba go slow” by the individuals who ousted him. His government was slow at turning things around and as expected, Buhari faulted the civilian government he ousted for his troubles.

Despite the fact that as of late, Buhari attempted to paint the photo white that his plan to probe Ibrahim Banbagida prompted his capture that lasted for 2 years, the President refused to confess that the economy was heading towards recession as it is currently.

After waiting patiently for a change, and a year after Buhari couldn’t provide any, Majors Abubakar Dangiwa Umar (a Harward University educated officer born into an aristocratic northern family who was also the former ADC to former Chief of Army staff Hassan Usman Katsina), Lawan Gwadabe, Abdulmumuni Aminu and the arrested former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, arrested Buhari at gunpoint.

Inner caucus members of the coup, Ibrahim Babangida, Maj-Gen Sani Abacha, Brigadier Joshua Dongonyaro, Brigadier Aliyu Mohammed (The then head of military intelligence), Navy Commander Murtala Nyako, Lt-Cl Ahmed Abdullahi (Minister of Communications), Lt-Col Tanko Ayuba (commanding officer – Nigerian army signal corps), Lt-Col John Shagaya (Commanding officer – 9th mechanised brigade Ikeja), Lt-Col Anthony Ukpo, Major Abubakar Umar (Administrator of the Federal House Authority head a meeting on August 25, 1985 where Banbagida was chosen as the new head of state.

Below was read out by Brigadier Joshua Dongonyaro as the reasons for overthrowing Buhari : “Fellow countrymen, the intervention of the military at the end of 1983 was welcomed by the nation with unprecedented enthusiasm. Nigerians were unified in accepting the intervention and looked forward hopefully to progressive changes for the better.

“Almost two years later, it has become clear that the fulfilment of expectations is not forthcoming. Because this generation of Nigerians and indeed future generations have no other country but Nigeria, we could not stay passive and watch a small group of individuals misuse power to the detriment of our national aspirations and interest.

“No nation can ever achieve meaningful strides in its development where there is an absence of cohesion in the hierarchy of government; where it has become clear that positive action by the policy makers is hindered because as a body it lacks a unity of purpose. It is evident that the nation would be endangered with the risk of continuous misdirection. We are presently confronted with that danger.

“In such a situation, if action can be taken to arrest further damage, it should and must be taken. This is precisely what we have done. The Nigerian public has been made to believe that the slow pace of action of the Federal Government headed by Major-General Muhamadu Buhari was due to the enormity of the problems left by the last civilian administration.

“Although it is true that a lot of problems were left behind by the last civilian government, the real reason, however, for the very slow pace of action is due to lack of unanimity of purpose among the ruling body; subsequently, the business of governance, has gradually been subjected to ill-motivated power play considerations.

Let’s take the bold phrases and sentences one after the other.

Fulfilment of expectations is not forthcoming”: It is no more news that Buhari had declared on a few events that promises he made amid the presidential crusade can’t be kept and they had likewise released an announcement scarcely yesterday that the trillions of budget planned can’t be executed as there is no cash. While Nigerians are crying over the N5000 stipend, food for students, millions of jobs (over 4million lost in a year), as usually, Baba go slow blamed Niger Delta Avengers, Biafra and the past administration without pointing a single finger to himself.

Misuse power to the detriment of our national aspirations and interest.”: Buhari did not start the misuse of power today. He is the 92nd world known dictator and he knows how to use power to his own advantage, in the process, deviating from his original economic plans.

Lacks a unity of purpose. It is evident that the nation would be endangered with the risk of continuous misdirection”: Buhari lied his way through the assistance of the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed into power. He had no arrangement, he never thought he would win and he made fakepromises that he didn’t make arrangements to keep. Like in 1983, Nigerians are confronting the danger of continuous misdirection.

Slow pace of action of the Federal Government headed by Major-General Muhamadu Buhari was due to the enormity of the problems left by the last civilian administration.” He was blamed for not attacking problems in 1985 by those, his companions who plotted to expel him. Instead of folding his sleeves and bring jobs to Nigerians, he was caught up with faulting the civilian administration he overthew.

Brigadier Dongonyaro continued “The concept of collective leadership has been substituted by stubborn and ill-advised unilateral actions, thereby destroying the principles upon which the government came to power. Any effort made to advise the leadership, met the stubborn resistance and was viewed as a challenge to authority or disloyalty. Thus the scene was being set for systematic elimination of what was termed opposition.

“All the energies of the rulership were directed at his (Buhari) imaginary opposition rather than to effective leadership. The result of this misdirected effort is now very evident in the country as a whole. The government has started to drift. The economy does not seem to be getting any better as we witness daily increased inflation. The nation’s meagre resources are once again being wasted on unproductive ventures. Government has distanced itself from the people and the yearnings and aspirations of the people as constantly reflected in the media have been ignored. This is because a few people have arrogated to themselves the right to make the decision for the larger part of the ruling body.

“All these events have shown that the present composition of our country’s leadership cannot, therefore, justify its continued occupation of that position. Furthermore, the initial objectives and programmes of action which were meant to have been implemented since the ascension of power of the Buhari administration in Junary 1984 have been betrayed and discarded. The present state of uncertainty and stagnation cannot be permitted to degenerate into suppression and retrogression. We feel duty bound to use the resources and means at our disposal to restore hope in the minds of Nigerians and renew aspirations for a better future”

The above articulation astounds. Everything in quote is a reproduction of what’s occurring today. Buhari efficiently eliminates anybody he named opposition. He is probing where the PDP individuals got their campaign funds yet declined to unveil his as one of the main presidential candidates who asserted to have less than N27.5m to purchase Presidential form.

The announcement above likewise expressed that exertion made to prompt the then government met resolute resistance and it was seen as a challenge to authority and traitorousness. Could this truly be far from what’s going on today? Two days after the Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi transparently cautioned Buhari not to rehash the oversight of the last administration; there were plans to probe his time as the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

The Director at Jonathan/Sambo presidential crusade, Chief Fani-Kayode who openly blamed and accusing Buhari for shrouded agenda was locked up for quite a long time over what the Economic and Financial Crimes Comission (EFCC) who is in the blink of an eye attempting to awe the President, named fraudulent transaction amongst him and the previous NSA. Regardless of all clarifications, even after he met his bails, he was tossed into jail.

Ayo Fayose, another vocalist who is extremely incredulous of the present government, an individual from the Peoples Democratic Party (opposition) still has his footloose as the constitution shields him from indictment else he would have been cooling his chest in one of the Nigerian jails like the previous PDP National Secretary, Olisa Metuh who was likewise closed down for his basic assault.

Clearly, Buhari had never had any vision, he had survived faulting others around him and he lacks regret to the extent that he can’t apologize for any wrongdoings. Buhari is self acclaimed Mr. Exemplary who couldn’t give his elementary school certificate. Well, the consequences of our actions just started and we still have many years to endure it.

Since i was blamed for criticising without recommending solutions in my last article, i along these lines encourage Buhari to take a bow and go home to his grandchildren as what’s happening in Nigeria today is more than his capacities. Buhari is an old man most likely experiencing diminishing plasticity and anticipating that such a man should channel the issue of more than 180 million individuals is nonsensical.


Ehi Ekhator can be reached at ehidan@naijacenter.com



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