“We’ll reunite says Dansebe, The dust of political conundrum that pervades Kogi state Chapter of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC after the last gubernatorial election that produced Yahaya Bello is yet to settle as key political figures in the state are said to be making frantic effort to outsmart each other in the events yet to come.
SECURITY MONITOR’s investigation depicts that the state political heavy weights are entering into various alignments and realignments aimed at controlling the machinery of the ruling party in the state. It was gathered that outcome of the Election Petition Tribunal may favor incumbent Governor Bello and so the need to engage in certain political permutation to control the party machinery ahead of subsequent elections is highly timely.
Some party bigwigs from Ibaji Local Government hint our Correspondent in Lokoja that late former governor Audu Abubabakar’s rurning mate James Faleke is “sowing the seed of discord within the ranks of the party in the state”. The sources who craved anonymity added that following the turn of events at the Election Tribunal which according to them “signaled Governor Bello’s victory, Faleke has returned to the state with the aim of making the Confluence state ungovernable for the governor” they allege that Faleke’s recent romance with the kogi APC chairman, Hady Ametuo portends danger to the peace and tranquility reigning in the state.
“The Kogi state chairman Of the APC, Hady Ametuo has taken side and pitches his tent with James Faleke in an attempt to pull the rug off the governor’s feet. Some of the party members who are loyal to the governor told us that an undisclosed amount of money was handed over to Ametuo to carry out the evil job”, a grassroots women leader told this medium. She added that last Monday, Ametuo hosted a meeting with his loyalists at the Lokoja Campaign Office of Former Senator representing Kogi Central Senatorial District Muhammad Salami Ohiare with some disgruntled elements where resolution were made after receiving monetary benefits to frame up Governor Yahaya Bello and malign his personality before the masses and of course the party National Leadership.”
But the state executive members denied the allegation stressing that they met recently to deliberate on the state of the party the state and other salient issues. Ametuo, the party chair says that he met with his executive members to deliberate on the party funding and mobilization. He added that some executive members’ complaint about the governor not being carried them along in his administration was also addressed with a bid to mend the wall.
APC Youths were however swift to affirmed that ”enemies of the state who are plotting the down fall of Kogi state are mere jokers as the governor is in the right pedestrian leading the state to Eldorado .
Prince Abdulrahman Ibrahim Dannsabe, the spokesperson, Alhaji Yahaya Bello Youth Vanguard, Dansebe told our correspondent that whatever the rifts will be resolved. Dansebe appeals to the state governor to urgently look into the complaints of the state executive members with a bid to forge a common front against the enemies of the state.

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