Located in the Heart of Abuja, Nigeria’s seat of power is a LUXURY HOME THAT COULD MAKE YOU FORGETS YOUR HOME… HAWTHORN SUITES BY WYNDHAM is situated at No. 1, Uke Street, Amodu Bello Way, Gariki Abuja. The Five Star Hotel has branches in many parts of the world. A unique hospitality without rival, the magnificent tourist center was birthed as an apartment and few suites for it numerous customers. At a time, it has the benefit of large rooms and suites in a very relaxed environment, which is good for a long time stay.

Equipped with international standard, HAWTHORN SUITES has a large hall for all kinds of events.Holton hotel

The Suites has a serenity that is conducive for holidays. It has large hall which contains up to five hundred people at once and it also has smaller halls for mini events. This according to Emmanuel Paschal, Director of Sales and Marketing “can contain one hundred and fifteen people. Such mini hall is very conducive for people, organizations and groups who have programs like seminar, meeting, co-operate diner and so on”.

“We also have a rounded package, including a swimming pool, shops is available to buy anything needed for your conveniences. The truth is that HAWTHORN SUITES is a place to be for everyone at least once in a while. It will be a golden opportunity to party at HAWTHORN SUITES POOL SIDE. What a scintillating experience it is for children and their parents who catch fun at the swimming pool arena once in a month.

In this era of security challenges, management of the gigantic tourist center has put in place measures to adequately safeguard its customers. SAFETY and SECURITY according to SECURITY MONITOR’s finding is second to none at the HAWTHORN SUITES. “It’s our priority, we do take security very serious, because over the last two years, security problem have been a great challenge in the country and we make sure that a bold steps is taking, in order to protect our clients, customers, guests and even our staff. We have doubled up our internal security staffs with the external ones. Moreover we also added more to our CCTV cameras, to cover every corner in the premises which is connected to two monitoring separate units, so that there will be monitoring of all the activities that is going on in the premises. If one is compromised, we will have the back up to fall on. Our gates are manned for 24 hours every day by both security agencies and modern technology. We have harmed security agents that work in collaboration with our own internal security staffs. In conclusion once you come here, we are in charge to take care of you. In the aspect of foods, we have experience chefs known as five star caterers. They are in charge of cooking any type of meal you want, either continental dishes or African dishes and the price is very affordable which is conducive to the best of your satisfaction. Our rooms have a very large space and with twenty five thousand naira only; you can get a room at HAWTHORN SUITES HOTEL. Offices are also available for rent with a standby generator working for 24 hours and back up with internet access facility.” INFACT A TRIAL WILL DEFINITELY CONVINC YOU……HAWTHORN SUITES CAN BE CONTACTED THROUGH PHONE NUMBERS +234 8172118831 or visit www.hawthorn.com.ng



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