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“Recovering of Looted funds is not dictatorial ” Senate Chief Whip Adeyeye


THE MEMBERS of the Joint Caucus of The All Progressive Congress (APC) and Labour Party Senators in the Senate are stoutly behind the policies and programmes of the President Mohammadu Buhari’s administration. Our support is aimed at actualizing the promised desired change that Nigerians voted for last year.

We are shocked at the totally partisan reaction of our colleagues from the  minority party, PDP, to the on-going investigations and recovery of public funds meant for the prosecution of the war against insurgency.

Contrary to the assertion of our PDP colleagues, the investigation is not a partisan war against a particular political party. It is no longer a news item that there was a wanton diversion of public funds meant for fighting insurgency to fund campaigns of PDP.  Members of the PDP were the sole and iniquitous beneficiaries of this diversion.

Seeking to recover diverted public funds  is neither dictatorial nor against the rule of law. In  all the actions, programmes and policies of the PMB-led APC Federal Government, no PDP member has been unjustly arrested or imprisoned on mere allegations.

On the contrary, we are daily regaled with news of millions and billions of naira of public funds traced to accounts of individuals some of whom have accepted to return such diverted public funds.

As law abiding and patriotic citizens, we  cherish the rule of law and the separation of powers among the different arms of government. Political interference based on partisan consideration must be eschewed.

Members of the joint caucus of the APC and Labour Party will always give their best in support of the only President Nigeria has. We plead with our PDP colleagues to rise above partisan inclinations so that together, we all can bring to fruition the positive changes that our people seek and deserve.

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