On the 28th day of July 2016, the Lagos Police command received a report that some huge amount of money donated by public spirited people to financially support ailing Shukura Mayowa Ahmed is a scam, at the receipt of the information the Commissioner Of Police Lagos State Command, CP Fatai Owoseni directed a full scale investigation into the matter.
So far the command through its ‘X SQUAD’ department carried out an extensive investigation and the following are the findings:
1. That Miss Shukura Mayowa Ahmed a resident of Ebute Meta area of Lagos is critically ill and diagnosed of Ovarian Cancer.
2. That Miss Aramide Kasumu, the director of Lifestake Foundation heard about the illness and decide to use her foundation to care for MAYOWA by checking her into LAGOS UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL (LUTH) Yaba, Lagos on the 25th day of july though initial deposit of Five Hundred Thousand Naira (#500,000 ) was made by Mayowa’s Family
4. That Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu got wind of Mayowa’s illness on the social Media ‘instagram’ and was moved to compassion having realised Mayowa is one of her fans.
5. On the 26th day of July Toyin Aimakhu visited MAYOWA on her sick bed and made a video soliciting financial assistance to support Mayowa.
6. The video went viral and there was huge donation from all over the world into Mayowa’s Bank account which initially had the sum of Thirty Thousand Naira and also internet donations were done through Gofundme online account.
7. To date a total of Eighty One Million, Two Hundred and Seventy Eight Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty four Naira,Eighty one kobo (#81,278,954:81) was realised into Mayowa’s Bank Account while Total sum of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000 ) is in Gofundme Internet Account.
8. That Ahmed’s Family stated that they have initial plan of taking Mayowa for treatment in Atlanta Georgia, United State America for Medical Treatment and this plan was what they communicated to both Aramide Kasumu and Toyin Aimakhu.
9. On the 28th of July the Ahmed’s Family wanted to take Aramide out of the hospital and Both Toyin and Aramide demanded to know the destination, this led to crisis between the family and the other party, with both Aramide and Toyin Aimakhu realising Mayowa does not have Valid Visa to United State of America
10. The inability of both parties to communicate appropriately led to allegation and counter allegation, With the duo of Toyin and Aramide thinking the family have no intention of seeking medical help for MAYOWA abroad and might likely divert the fund away from the purpose it’s meant for.
11. The command having waded in had ensured that a genuine hospital in South Africa was contacted by the family
and she will be under the care of one Dr. Naicker.
12. Flight arrangements is already concluded with mini air ambulance and medical certificate duely issued to enable her travel.
13. The lien placed on the account has been lifted to enable Mayowa access fund for her medical treatment and for every other expenses to be made.
Finally the command was not able to establish any criminal case against both Miss Toyin Aimakhu, Miss Aramide Kasumu neither do any of the Ahmed’s family found culpable rather its basically an issue of communication gap and misunderstanding.
The Lagos state police command once again appreciate all “good samaritans” who had donated generously towards this course and we are using this opportunity to thank the members of the public for bearing with us throughout the period of the painstaking investigation.
In futherance to this, the account is being closely monitored to ensure all fund is channel towards its purpose.


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