By Olayiwola Ibrahim // A furniture maker, Omoosumi Samuel known as Toby woods, has recount his ordeal in the hands of the kidnappers in Lagos on his X handle.

According to Punch metro, report indicates that the 24 year okd Toby woods, who lives with his elder brother, was announced missing last wednesday in Gbagafa area of Lagos.

Following series of tweets on his X account on Tuesday evening, Toby Woods, who runs a furniture business, 360 Furniture, explained how he was abducted in a bus and how he managed to escape

He explained that, On Wednesday afternoon, I left my house to get materials for work at Mushin. When I got to Oshodi, I decided to go to Ikeja first to fix my phone’s charging port issue which I’ve been procrastinating to repair for a while.

Tobi stated that he entered a bus known as korope at Oshodi going to Ikeja. People were also in the bus but a few minutes later, I noticed that I becameweak.

I thought I was hungry because I haven’t had anything to eat all day.

That was the end. Next thing I woke up tied and covered with a cloth covering my face, I heard people’s voices around, I don’t know how many people were there with me because my face was covered.

We were taken one by one to another room where they had access to our phones and we were taken back to the initial room.

He further explained that he noticed people were once again taken out one by one from the room but nobody was brought back this time.

He added, i was really scared at this point because I thought this was the end. They took me too and i felt the same weakness I felt in the bus.

Next thing I woke up in the middle of nowhere with blood on my clothes and few cuts on my body.

God led me out to a house and I met an old woman. I hardly understood her but she saw my condition and she gave me water to drink and flip flops to wear and showed me the way to the road.

The furniture maker explained that he had no idea that he was missing for so long, as his face was covered throughout the abduction.

He wrote, I didn’t have any idea I was gone for this long because my face was covered throughout the time I was abducted. I also didn’t have any idea what time was.

I stopped the first person I saw and he helped me and told me I was in Ogun State. He helped me find my way to Lagos and I entered a bus going to Oshodi.

A stranger helped me pay my transport fare and gave me some money too because I explained everything to him. I made a call too to a number I could remember but it didn’t go through.

He said that he slept throughout the journey and when I got to Oshodi, I knew I was safe already and entered a bus heading to Ikorodu and I alighted at Agric where I got something to eat out of the money the stranger gave me. I took a bike home and I was told I got home around 12am.

One HassanSZNN who had also shared reports on X that Toby Wood was missing, confirmed that he has returned home.

He posted on X, It is with great joy that I announce to you all that our brother and friend Oluwatobiloba Omoosumi Samuel – Tobywood has returned to us.

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