By Olayiwola Ibrahim// CSP Adetayo Akerele, the new Chairman of the Lagos State Environmental and Special Offences unit, Taskforce, has swung into action on the first day of assumption of duty as the Head of the Agency has impounded over 92 vehicles.

The 92 vehicles were impounded due to indiscriminate parking along the highways and picking up passengers at undesignated bus stops, causing serious impediments to traffic flow and pedestrian movement.

Adetayo also sanitised Oshodi by riding it of vehicles parked indiscriminately along the road thereby causing vehicular and pedestrian impediments along that axis.

This exercise kicked off early Saturday morning.

The chairman who was the former second in command of the Agency who is now the current Chairman has clearly demonstrated that he knows the job and the terrain.

This is no longer business as usual. Parking vehicles along the expressway which is meant to serve the entire populace is completely selfish and irresponsible.

According to him, he said that there is a new sheriff in town,noting that he will make sure Lagosians are no longer shortchanged by commercial bus operators and selfish private vehicle owners.

CSP Akerele while carrying out a tour of Oshodi and environs decried the manner in which road side traders displayed their goods on the kerb and walkways.

He addressed the marketers there and warned them to move their business into the market complex which was designed for it.

As we all know, this is the rainy season and there is every tendency for us to experience flooding which results from blocked drainage channels in the gutters and collectors.

He urged that environment be kept clean and habitable and ensure that refuse from the markets are properly disposed of at the appropriate dumpsite.

The Chairman urged residents and Lagosians in general to be vigilant and partner with the Agency to stamp out environmental and traffic infractions for the good of the citizenry.

It is our collective responsibility to achieve a sane and serene environment for ourselves therefore I urge everyone to be vigilant and responsible.

Akerele stated that if you see something, say something.

He proceeded to inspect all the grounded operational vehicles at the Headquarters and directed that they be put on the road within the next 24 hours.

The Taskforce Chairman addressed the owners of vehicles impounded that they would all be charged to court accordingly and would allow the law to take its full course.

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