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Police in Enugu solicit support of Nigerians in fighting crime, ensuring safety


The Police in Enugu have solicited the support of Nigerians in their efforts at ridding the society of crime and ensuring the safety of lives and property.

The spokesman of the Police Command in Enugu State, Mr Ebere Amaraizu, made the appeal in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Enugu on Monday.

According to Amaraizu, the success of the police anywhere in the world, depends to a very large extent, on the level of co-operation they get from citizens.

“The police we are talking about is not personal police; we are talking about the police force that belongs to Nigeria – that is the Nigeria Police Force.

“So, if you understand this from this concept that the police we are talking about is Nigerian Police Force and by the virtual of you becoming a Nigerian that you owe a share there because it is your own police.

“If you begin to see it from that dimension, then you will now know that you are a stakeholder and that you have that reason to believe that this police is your own and it is also your duty to add your quota towards the development of this police force.

“To make sure that the police force excel in all ramifications and achieve the goals for which it was established because you have a role to play.

“So, when you understand this and begin to now work in harmony with the police, you will begin to get this (better) result.

“But the issue is that we (police) are facing this issue of some people not understanding this but we know that very soon that we shall get there because we are taking it (public enlightenment) one after the other.

“And we are taking it gradually through our sensitization programmes, workshops, and seminars.

“It was like not this before (now), but you see now we are drawing closer to achieving what we want to.’’

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Amaraizu, therefore, urged members of the public to help the police monitor the activities of suspicious neighbours.

He said the police were ready to treat any security information with a high degree of sensitivity and secrecy.

“Security is everybody’s business.

“The police are not magicians; but with good synergy and co-operation I believe the Nigeria Police can be the best in the world.’’

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